Welcome Kids! This is where you find updates on Johnny Wheels and the Donkeys

. . . don’t want to sound cliche, but “Welcome” to the beginnings of the new site. The site is being re-designed to coincide with the new CD and summer season tour; and since we’re making facebook posts of CD creation process (mixing as I write this), why wait to launch the new site – watch the changes and updates as they come. The Summer calendar is filling up with many great new venues – now we just need some great new weather. Hope to see you soon!


9 Replies to “Welcome Kids! This is where you find updates on Johnny Wheels and the Donkeys”

  1. Woo hoo ! Awesome music, awesome CD and what awesome people they are ! The party is on when Johnny’s in the house !!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you all again! Have you ever performed at Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland? You are absolutely good enough! Love you guys!

  3. Since I discovered Johnny at the Winter Blues Fest this year I have been a fan! I have taken a few of my friends to see the band and they too have become fans! We are the B.A.B’s groupies!! (Bad Ass Bidies) love love love this band!

  4. Love you guys! The Snug Harbor is usually a total blast…and tonight…was soooo good. You rock! Thank you soooo much for the c.d. and my Johnny Wheels blues harp. See what I can do, maybe I can join the band when you get back. lol. I ‘ll be watching, and I won’t miss you when you come back. hugs…..Penni Lincoln City Thanks for a really great time. xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxxo

  5. Just experienced you and your band for the first time! How did we not know about you! You said “thanks for inviting me to the party.” Johnny, you and your band were the party!
    Maureen – Coos Bay

  6. We just saw you and your band at the Blue and Brews Festival in Stevenson. Awesome performance… and I am loving my CD!

    1. Hi Mary, Thank you! We had a lot of fun – and what a great BEAUTIFUL backdrop for a concert. WOW!!! So glad you’re liking the CD. Rumour has it that we’re starting work on the next one very soon.

      Come introduce yourself the next time you see us.

      Cheers and thanks again!

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